Financial Issues and Mediation

Financial issues are not only the leading cause of stress between a husband and wife during their marriage, but also is the number one reason why couples separate and ultimately file for a divorce in Florida. In addition to arguing about money, many spouses hide financial transactions from each other which can lead to extreme […]

Mediation with High Assets in a Divorce

Many individuals who are getting ready to go through a Florida Family Law divorce or paternity case don’t spend the time to consider mediating their dispute as an alternative to just filing and serving a contested petition on their spouse or significant other. Often this failure to consider mediation at an early juncture is due […]

Trial v. Mediation

What is the difference between mediation and a trial? If you go to trial to resolve your Florida Family Law case, you present evidence and arguments to a Judge who decides the outcome of your case. By evidence, this means that you have to take the witness stand and testify in the courtroom where your […]

Dissolution of Marriage

Going through a Dissolution of Marriage in Florida can be a very stressful and emotionally charged process, especially when there are young children involved and a number of assets that need to be divided. In addition to the stress that you may have due to the uncertainty of where you may be living after finalizing […]