Many individuals who are getting ready to go through a Florida Family Law divorce or paternity case don’t spend the time to consider mediating their dispute as an alternative to just filing and serving a contested petition on their spouse or significant other. Often this failure to consider mediation at an early juncture is due a person’s lack of understanding that mediation can be an alternative to filing for a contested Family Law case.
However, in high asset divorce cases it is quite common for a husband and wife to go through the mediation process as opposed to filing a contested Florida Family case. This is due to the parties trying to keep their private lives private and the true nature and extent of their assets from being part of the public record. The pleadings that a husband and wife file in a court case are public in nature and it is possible for your nosy neighbor to access record or worse yet for a newspaper to publish the details of what you own and/or owe to your creditors as well as the reasons why you want your marriage dissolved.
If you think about couples with an enormous amount of assets; actors, actresses and professional athlete should come to mind. When it is announced that people who fall in this category are going to divorce, newspapers and especially the tabloids place their names in the headlines and then sensationalize all of the details. But when a couple such Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren decide to separate, they commonly choose mediation in order to try and protect their privacy.
In addition to trying to protect their privacy, the extremely wealthy spouses can save tens of thousands – or even hundreds of thousand dollars in legal fees and costs which they would have paid if they litigated their dispute in a Florida Family Law case in court. Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. are Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators who understand the dynamics that are involved in high asset and high publicity divorce cases.
The Mediated Settlement Agreement that are voluntarily negotiated between themselves can be drafted by Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. in such a manner that many of the terms may be protected from being disclosed to the public and thus make the entire divorce process much less stressful.
Another aspect of mediation is that unlike a court hearing date which is a public record, when parties appear at mediation with Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. no one other than the parties and their attorneys know the date, time and place that mediation will take place in any given case.
At Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc., we have discovered that those who have assets that are in excess of more than $1 million dollars are looking for ways where they can effectively control how their assets will be distributed between themselves in resolving their divorce as well as maintaining privacy from public disclosure.
If you are considering getting divorced and have a significant amount of assets, contact Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. to discuss your options.

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