Often, when a married couple decide that it is time for them to go their separate way, they agree on many issues, but need assistance in coming to a resolution on all issues.  In addition, while there are Family Law Forms that have been approved by the Florida Supreme Court for pro se parties, these forms can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate for individuals with no legal training or background. 

One of the important documents in your Florida Family Law case is the Marital Settlement Agreement because it is this document that allocates all marital debts and assets as well as sets forth each parties’ rights and responsibilities moving forward post dissolution of marriage. If you take a look at the Marital Settlement Agreements in that are found in Florida Family Law Forms 12.902(f), there are three different forms that one can use depending on their circumstances, but even with the instructions these farms are confusing.

However, by mediating your Family Law dispute before a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator such as Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc., you and your spouse work together to identify all of the issues that need to be resolve.  In mediation, Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. assists you and your spouse not only in openly discussing your issues but making sure one hundred percent of your issues have been resolved, including the allocation of all marital assets and liabilities.

There are issues that individuals who have no legal training can either miss completely or determine in a manner that can cause significant problems in the future.  One example is determining the amount of child support that a spouse may be required to pay.  If you look at Florida Family Law Forms 12.902(e), it is titled “Child Support Guideline Worksheet.”  This form is very confusing and even a lot of attorneys have a problem filing out this worksheet. Our Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators use a program which does the calculation for you.

Another example, is how do you legally divide retirement benefits?  If you do it wrong, there may be some very significant federal income tax consequences if these benefits are received in a manner that violates the United States Tax Code. At Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc., we understand that a Mediated Settlement Agreement incorporated into a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage cannot legally divide current retirement benefits or even designate future benefits that are tied up in a retirement plan.  In order for retirement benefits to be properly divided between you and your spouse, a legal document that is called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) needs to be drawn up and approved by retirement plan administrators.  While our Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators don’t draft a QDRO at mediation, we do makes certain that the requirement of a QDRO being drafted by one of the spouses is inserted into a Mediated Settlement Agreements.

If an agreement is reached at mediation, Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. drafts a Meditated Settlement Agreement that both you and the other party sign.  This agreement will set forth all of the terms that have been discussed and agreed upon and set forth each parties rights and responsibilities in the future.

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