At Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc., our Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators understand that many spouses desire to obtain a speedy dissolution of their marriage. The good news is that a married couple is able to resolve their Florida Family Law dispute at mediation prior to filing a Petition of Dissolution of Marriage in order to obtain a fairly quick divorce.
Getting divorced does not have to be tedious or stressful when a husband and wife both decide that they no longer should remain as a married couple and they come to the realization that all they need to do is come to an agreement as to dividing their assets and liabilities; and setting a time sharing schedule where there are minor children involved.
Although getting divorced can be a very complicated endeavor, it does not always have to be that way. There are really only two types of divorces: contested or uncontested and both of these types of divorces can be resolved at mediation in a short amount of time.
It is Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc.’s experience that in many contested divorces, the parties only disagree on a few issues, so this type of a divorce does not really have to be difficult and contentious when the spouses are willing to sit down across the table from each other and allow a mediator to assist them in resolving their issues. This can also be accomplished in an expedited manner if the spouses desire.
An uncontested divorce can be very simple and completed quickly when there is an attorney involved, but an attorney can only ethically represent one of the spouses so this process can be expensive when there are two attorneys involved. On the other hand, a mediator is impartial and does not represent or give legal advice to either spouse. In addition, neither spouse is required to have an attorney at mediation.
It should be obvious that most spouses who agree that they need to dissolve their marriage want a fair and equal division of the assets that the parties have acquired during the course of their marriage. Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. can help you resolve these matters in an amicable manner.
Spouses who decide to separate and divorce often are unable to communicate with each other due to the emotional aspects that accompany a divorce, so a one on one meeting between them will not work. During mediation, a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator will sit down with both parties and guide them in not only resolving the issues that have led them to seek a dissolution of their marriage, but also assist them in understand the process of what is required in order to have a Florida Family Law Judge grant a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage.
Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. strives to help every couple who mediates with us to come to an agreement which both parties are comfortable with and we can assist you in accomplishing this in a timely manner.

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