Paternity Mediation

Mediation for Paternity Cases involve the Mother and the Father of minor child(ren). A Paternity action is what is filed in the courts when the parties have a child out of wedlock. During mediation, the mediator will help the parties come up with a Parenting Plan and compute child support base on Child Support Guidelines.

Mediating a Paternity case will help the parents come up with the best plan for their child(ren) and for their individual lives as well.

Time Sharing and Child Support

Regardless of whether if the parties have been married or not, it is important for the parties to work on a Parenting Plan that works for the parties and their family dynamics. The only people that know your family’s dynamics and what will and will not work, is you.

You know what your children need, what your schedules are, and the best outcome that will not only be in the best interest of your children but also for the parents.

A Parenting Plan should be as detailed as possible to make co-parenting between the parties as easy and smooth as possible.

The ideal co-parenting situation, is when the parents together come up with a Parenting Plan and communicates with each other to make the day to day decisions that need to be made if something arises that may differ from the Parenting Plan. A Parenting Plan should be a fall back if the parents cannot come to an agreement during the day to day issues and time sharing schedule.

A time-sharing schedule should be made while taking into consideration, each parents schedule along with the children’s schedule to determine when and where the children will be on any given day or time.

Overnights are how time sharing is determined. The parent with the overnight, is the parent that will care for the child, during that day and overnight, and handle any issues that may come up.

Child Support is based on Florida’s Child Support Guidelines. The Guidelines take into account each parties income, overnights, daycare expenses, and health insurance expenses to determine the amount of support that shall be made from one parent to the other.