Are you and your husband or wife still living together but have recently come to the realization that you are no longer in love with each other? Some couples remain living together for years after they no longer are no longer in love with each other because they don’t believe that they can afford to hire attorneys in order to obtain a dissolution of their marriage. But there is an alternative and it is called mediation. In addition, neither you nor your spouse needs to hire an attorney in order to mediate the issues in your divorce.

Our Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators at Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. have handled countless mediation sessions where we have assisted unrepresented husbands and wives resolve all of their issues so that each of them move on in their separate lives.

In Florida, a divorce does not have to a knock-down, nasty thing where the two of you despise each other both during the divorce proceedings as well as after it is all said and done. It has been Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc.’s experience that the only winners when a husband and wife overly litigate a divorce are the attorneys, especially when the divorce results in hundreds of thousands in attorney fees.

In addition, by mediating your divorce without attorneys, you can keep children insulated from divorce proceedings. Your children won’t have to hear that mommy or daddy has a meeting with their attorney or have to go to court. There are not any motions for custody evaluators or worse yet, that a child has to testify in court.

If you and your spouse desire to get divorced without involving attorneys and only have minimal contact with a Florida Family Law Judge, the first thing that you do is to have a discussion with your spouse about how beneficial it will be to your family sit down together and mediate your case with a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator.

Next each of you should compile a list of all of your assets and debts, along with their values. Then, each of you should write out how the assets and debts should be distributed between the two of you. There are some resources that are available to you if you do an internet search for Florida Family Law Rule 12.285 Mandatory Disclosure and Florida Family Law Form 12.902 Family Law Financial Affidavit. Rule 12.285 Mandatory Disclosure requires that certain documents be exchanged between parties to a divorce and the Financial Affidavit is necessary in order to list your income as well as your assets and liabilities.
If you have children, you can do an internet search for Florida Form 12.995 Parenting Plan which will help guide you in putting together a time-sharing schedule with your children for you and your spouse.
If you complete these items, you will not only be prepared for mediation but also they will help Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. make certain that the Mediated Settlement Agreement that we draft covers all of the issues in your divorce case.

If you have any questions about how to proceed with a mediation without attorneys, please contact Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc.

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