One of the biggest challenges at mediation can be having the parties understand and follow the ground rules that are necessary so that the session can be conducted in an orderly and efficient manner that hopefully leads to settlement of all of the issues. So one of the first tasks that our Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators at the onset of mediation is to have the parties agree on ground rules that are mostly common sense, such as not speaking over each other, intently listening to your spouses’ entire comments before making any type of response, and negotiating in good faith. At Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. we have found that some of the biggest pitfalls to settling at mediation can be one spouse interrupting the other and disrespectful statements by one or both spouses about each other.

In addition, our Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators strive to have the two spouses who are sitting across from each other at the table work together to make an true effort to resolve their divorce case. The focus should be on avoiding litigation and staying away from being adversarial towards each other. When married couples are adversaries, they are not able to effectively and openly communicate with each other like they did during the time they were happily married.

Another aspect that Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. recognizes is that understanding the dynamics that exists between the parties and how they communicate is very important. In order to do that, the mediator has to learn the roles that each spouse played during the marriage. For example, was one spouse the sole decision maker about important issues? Did one spouse handle all of the financial matters? Did the couple maintain separate financial accounts? Often, it was the type of behavior described in these questions that was the reason that one spouse is seeking a Florida Dissolution of Marriage.

Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. has learned that the answers to some of these questions will be discovered early on during the mediation based upon the conduct and demeanor of the two spouses. It becomes very apparent when one spouse tries to do all of the talking and/or tries to force the other spouse to agree with him or her on the resolution of the most valuable marital assets. When this type of conduct takes place, Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. makes certain that the other spouse has an real opportunity to speak and share his or her own perspective. When both spouses can be heard and are taken seriously, the dichotomy between then leads to more effective negotiations.

Spouses who decide to mediate their divorce with Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. will find that our Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators completely understand that no two marriages or relationships are alike. We also recognize that the actions of each spouse during mediation can have a significant impact on the other spouse. Mediation of Coral Springs, Inc. is sensitive to the needs of each spouse going through tough times and we work hard to allow each spouse to have a beneficial mediation.

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